8 Strand Mecate Reins Braided Parachute Cord

  • $140.00

Mecate reins custom braided for you in up to four colors. You will appreciate the feel and weight that these mecate reins give you. They offer an enhanced feel and excellent communication to your horse. They function both as a rein and as a lead rope and tie.

Perfect for riding and groundwork with your horse. Cowboys and cowgirls love having a nice set of mecate reins for working and showing. The loop reins go through your slobber strap to your bit and the extra end wraps around your belt loop or tied to your saddle. You are able to quickly hop off your horse to do ground work or tie. 

Eight strands braided over a nylon core for excellent style and feel. About 1/2" and 22 feet long.

Optional popper on one end and tassel on the other. Choose your preference. I can add a larger pineapple knot if desired.

Choose up to four colors. Standard length is 22 ft. but can be custom made to your length.

Washable and durable.

Paracord sourced from the USA. Braided over a nylon core. 

** When you ADD TO CART you will find a box to enter the colors that you would like. I will then send you an email to show you some color choices. Your card will NOT be charged until we decide upon the colors and size that you desire. 

It can take approximately two weeks to receive your custom mecate reins.


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