Barefoot Cheyenne Treeless Saddle

  • $765.00

    Finally a saddle that will fit your horse and you, instantly feel the difference.

    You want a lightweight saddle and you want to be comfortable but not sacrifice your horse's comfort and freedom. The Cheyenne Leather Treeless Saddle is the answer. It is the favorite all around Cheyenne Treeless Saddle and is great for a quiet trail rider or an engaging all day endurance ride.

    The design of this saddle positions the rider in the horses center of gravity, providing close contact and freedom in the seat. The use of nubuck leather makes the saddle very pliable, adjusting to the horses back and movements. Don't settle for cheap imitations, discover for yourself and buy the the Barefoot Brand®, made in Germany for quality.


    • Easy to lift, weighs just under 12 lbs.
    • Looks good with beautiful high quality soft leather.
    • Easy to clean dirt repellent nubuck leather.
    • Functional with 6 D-rings to attach all your gear.
    • Comfortable with a thick fleece underside.
    • Medium pommel insert - standard.
    • Flexes in all 3 directions to fit any horse.
    • Protect your horse's back with the Barefoot® Vertebrae Protection System ( VPS ) that provides channel for spinal clearance.
    • Multi position stirrup adjustment with 1.5" English Stirrup attachment.
    • The Cheyenne Saddle is an instant favorite among horses and riders!

     Please Note - Size 0 is considered special orders and takes approximately 12-14 weeks

    You will need your preferred stirrup leathers, stirrups and girth. Riders have different ways of mounting and some use the saddle to pull themselves up. It is better if you can mount from a step of some sort to avoid pulling the saddle around. Use the correct size girth. You can add western fenders or english leathers to this saddle.


    All Barefoot brand treeless saddles come with a saddle system called Vertebrae Protection System (VPS), which is a patented panel system designed to protect the spine of the horse.

    The Barefoot Cheyenne Treeless saddle come with a medium size fiberglass insert. You can purchase additional narrow, wide, extra wide, or soft pommel inserts as needed for your horse's conformation. Click here for more information on the Pommel Inserts, and a printable version of the pommel sizing template. 

    All Barefoot saddles are manufactured in Germany, and restocked monthly. 

    Size 0 is considered special orders and takes approximately 12-14 weeks
    Please Note - The chart below provides measurements according to European sizing.Size 1 (U.S. Equivalent)
    • Western seat size 14-14.5 | English seat size 16-16.5
    • Ladies pant size < 8 | Mens pant size ~34-36
    Size 2 (U.S. Equivalent)
    • Western seat size 15-16 | English seat size 17-18
    • Ladies pant size > 8 | Mens pant size ~38-42


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