Barefoot Contour Trail Halter Bridle

  • $170.00

If you are concerned about the comfort of your horse on the trail, this Barefoot Contour Trail Halter Bridle is for you. The crown piece that goes behind the ears is padded and curved perfectly for the comfort of your horse. This alleviates pressure behind the ears where there is a nerve that attaches to the occipital bone. The occipital bone forms the joint between the skull and the first vertebra. 

The Barefoot Contour Trail Bridle is very versatile and easy to adjust from a pony to a warmblood. The crown piece, noseband and throat latch can be adjusted on both sides. You can easily buckle on a bit with the detachable cheek pieces that have a buckle on one end and a snap on the other. It can also be used without a bit as the noseband is softly padded and has two rings so you can attach reins. You can also detach the throat latch completely. The bridle can also be used as a halter to tie up your horse while having lunch out on trail. 

Made with soft leather in black and brown. Leather bit straps are included.

This bridle does NOT include reins. Order black or brown reins separately.

Size Measurements:
Length adjustable from 36" - 44" (92 - 112 cm) 
Brow band - 16" (41 cm) 
Throat latch - 19" - 23" (48 - 58 cm)

Length adjustable from 41" - 47" (105 - 119 cm)
Brow band - 17.5" (44 cm) 
Throat latch - 23" - 31" (59 - 79 cm)

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