Barefoot Dressage Stirrup Leathers

  • $85.00

These Barefoot Dressage Stirrup Leathers are single thickness, making them less bulky and lighter than other leathers. They also won't pinch the rider's leg. Made of soft, sturdy leather with a strong nylon core that works to resist and prevent stretching. 

T-Buckles are located at the top and bottom of the strap. The top one is used to fasten to the bars of the saddle and the bottom one is used to adjust the length of the leathers. The placement of these buckles allow for easy adjustment as this can be done from the saddle. It's easier and safer for the rider to do the adjustment this way, as the rider's leg stays in contact with the skirt of the saddle. The bottom buckle is neatly covered with a small leather sleeve.

The part of the stirrup leathers that go under the seat flap are not covered - this avoids the pressure that is usually caused by bulk underneath a rider's thighs. The small T-buckle near the horse's back is designed to lie flat and smooth under your thigh.

Sizing Guide:

Short measures 49cm-63cm
Long measures 57cm-72cm

*Please note, this style of leathers works with standard Fillis style irons. Some of the older style English stirrup irons have too small of a slot, and the T-Buckle will not go through. 
Sold as a pair; approximately 1" wide (2.5cm).

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