Barefoot Lazy Mountain Treeless Sheep Skin Saddle

  • $1,390.00

Who wants to ride is this new luxurious fur saddle!

If you want to feel safe in the saddle without feeling restricted, the Lazy Mountain Western Treeless Saddle offers even more comfort and freedom for you, the rider.

The seat is super soft because of the large incorporated foam padding ensuring a secure, embedded seat that you will not want to get off. The saddle offers more than support, it 'surrounds' you softly and securely - a fantastic feeling!

This saddle is the ultimate comfort in trail saddles. Genuine sheepskin seat combined with Nubuck leather. The Barefoot Lazy Mountain was developed after listening to rider's feedback, those who wanted a sheepskin saddle that would not cause problems for the horse's back but one that also offered the comfort of a genuine sheepskin saddle.

Exclusive rigging system: Two girth straps run through and over padding made of soft leather to avoid coat irritation - or even worse - pressure points on the sensitive belly; Dressage girth is required.


  • Sheepskin saddle with VPS system
  • 4 D-rings - conchos - leather strings
  • No pressure points under stirrup attachment
  • Genuine sheepskin combined with Nubuck leather
  • Adapts to the horse's back in all directions.
  • Comfortable and secure seating.
  • Standard wide western pommel - exchangeable
  • 2.5" Western Stirrup Attachment Piece can be positioned as needed.

The structure of the Lazy Mountain is the same as all Barefoot Saddles. The saddle offers the same protection for the horse and the same flexibility. The integrated VPS system protects the horses's back from pressure points and the saddle adapts to the horse's movements to allow muscle development instead of bruising of the muscles. You can use this saddle with leathers, endurance fenders or western fenders.

A soft, anatomically shaped cushion is secured (velcro) under the genuine sheepskin seat. This makes the seat even more comfortable and easier on the hips as it gives the saddle more of a twist ensuring the rider does not sit too wide.

Real sheepskin is used for the seat of the Barefoot Lazy Mountain, the Happy Valley and the Soft Walk Fur Saddles. Sheepskin has many good properties as a natural product. The sheepskin ensures an even temperature, absorbs moisture instantly and releases it seven times faster than synthetic fibers. Sheepskin naturally has a disinfecting property, is odor-neutralizing and dirt-repellent. This self-cleaning power is amplified in the fresh air so it is beneficial to remove it from the base and shake it out sometimes. This reduces dust and dirt and airs out the fur at the same time. To remove more intensive dirt you can gently comb out first and if needed rub with a wet cloth. The coat is durable and stays beautiful for many years.

If the sheepskin seat should become completely soaked with water, it should be taken off the saddle and dried separately. Do not dry in the sun or on the heater because this will make the fur brittle.

See Sizing Tab for more information. Click here for more information on the Barefoot Saddle systems.

The Barefoot Western Special Saddle Pad and the Barefoot Western Physio Saddle Pad fits the Lazy Mountain Saddle.

All Barefoot brand treeless saddles come with a saddle system called Vertebrae Protection System (VPS), which is a patented panel system designed to protect the spine of the horse.

The Barefoot Western Treeless saddles come with a standard wide size fiberglass insert. You can purchase additional medium, or extra wide western pommel inserts. You can also use the soft pommel inserts as needed for your horse's conformation, with the velcro horn attachment for decoration. Click here for more information on the Barefoot Western Pommel Inserts, and a printable version of the pommel sizing template.

All Barefoot Treeless saddles are manufactured in Germany, and restocked monthly. 

Please Note - The chart below provides measurements according to European sizing. The U.S. equivalent is provided below:

Size 1 (U.S. Equivalent)
  • Western seat size 14-14.5 | English seat size 16-16.5
  • Ladies pant size < 8 | Mens pant size ~32-36
Size 2 (U.S. Equivalent)
  • Western seat size 15-16 | English seat size 17-18
  • Ladies pant size > 8 | Mens pant size ~38-42


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