Barefoot London Dressage Treeless Saddle

  • $930.00

The Barefoot London Dressage Treeless Saddle will enable you to feel your horse's muscles and movements which provides the foundation for very refined riding. The long saddle flap positions the rider's leg in an open dressage seat which will not lock the rider into a fixed position. The saddle provides a close contact feel typical for a Barefoot brand saddle. Each Barefoot London comes with 2 pairs of knee rolls (different sizes) that can be Velcroed to the saddle according to your individual needs. 


  • Flexible dressage saddle made from real softy leather
  • Weighs 13lbs alone
  • Great for trail - 6 D-rings for travel gear
  • Comes with 2pairs of Velcro-on kneerolls - adjustable
  • Medium pommel insert standard
  • 1.5" English Stirrup attachment piece (included) can be positioned as needed
  • Flexes in all 3 directions (X,Y,Z)
  • Barefoot® VPS System provides channel for spinal clearance

Ordering Notes: Available in Black only. Size 0 is a special order and takes approximately 8-12 weeks. 
See Sizing tab for more information! Click here for more information on the Barefoot Saddle systems.

All Barefoot brand treeless saddles come with a saddle system called Vertebrae Protection System (VPS), which is a patented panel system designed to protect the spine of the horse.

The Barefoot Treeless saddles come with a medium size fiberglass insert. You can purchase additional narrow, wide, extra wide, or soft pommel inserts as needed for your horse's conformation. Click here for more information on the Barefoot Pommel Inserts, and a printable version of the pommel sizing template. 

All Barefoot Treeless saddles are manufactured in Germany, and restocked monthly. 

Please Note - The chart below provides measurements according to European sizing. The U.S. equivalent is provided below:

Size 1 (U.S. Equivalent)
  • Western seat size 14-14.5 | English seat size 16-16.5
  • Ladies pant size < 8 | Mens pant size ~34-36
Size 2 (U.S. Equivalent)
  • Western seat size 15-16 | English seat size 17-18
  • Ladies pant size > 8 | Mens pant size ~38-42

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