Barefoot Madrid Treeless Saddle

  • $889.00

The Barefoot Madrid Treeless Saddle is a beautiful classical Spanish Baroque saddle with working equitation in mind. The deeper suede seat and higher cantle give you a secure, close contact seat. A perfect saddle for gaited horses. Peruvians, Pasos, Andalusians and Mustangs will look gorgeous on the trail or in the arena in this luxurious saddle.

The shortest of all the Barefoot saddles, it has a deep secure seat with a 4.5" cantle. Enjoy a noticeable close ride that lets you feel the muscles and movement of the horse's back and therefore help you build the basis of more precise riding.

There is no saddle pressure to stop your horse from moving freely. The horse's horse's back also remains free of pressure so your horse can learn free of tension and build topline without any restriction by the saddle. Blood supply to muscles remains intact and muscles can therefore build up.

The Madrid saddle has a wide standard pommel insert to provide wither clearance. The square skirt design will help stabilize the saddle on round backs. The English style billets are in an adjustable Y shape and the second billet slides to adjust the pressure and weight of the saddle. Choose any style dressage girth to go with it.

Riding a gaited horse in a Barefoot treeless saddle will allow the horse to move freely, without restricting the shoulder, which is so important for gaited horses. 
The Barefoot Madrid has D rings for a breastplate, a rectangular ring for a crupper and two extra rings on either side of the cantle to attach saddle bags, water bottles and more. 

Flexible V-Rigging. Saddle also suits horse's with difficult girth positions. Saddle lies a little further forward than a conventional saddle and positions the rider at the horse's center of gravity. It is therefore easier for your horse to balance the weight of the rider.

The stirrup attachment can be positioned between seat and saddle as needed and can easily adjust to your seat and size.

  • Super lightweight at 13 pounds.
  • Square skirt helps stabilize on rounder backs.
  • Baroque Spanish Style Saddle for a classic look.
  • No shoulder restrictions.
  • Deep seat and 4.5" cantle.
  • Square skirt helps stabilize the saddle on rounder backs
  • Wide pommel comes standard
  • D rings for breastplate
  • Extra rings for crupper and saddle bags
  • Grip suede seat can be replaced.
  • Adjustable stirrup position.

"Wonderful Saddle! I have four Barefoot treeless saddles. I have Peruvian Horses, so when I saw they offer a treeless Spanish saddle, I bought one for my gelding. I was so pleasantly surprised at the comfort for both me and my boy, I bought a second one for my mare! I'm using them both for parades and trail riding. The suede seat has grip, and can be replaced if it wears out; the stirrups/leathers can be positioned where you want them. Hope Barefoot Saddles USA keeps selling this saddle; it's well made. Love it!!!" - Diana Reed

See Sizing tab for more information! Click here for more information on the Barefoot Saddle systems.

All Barefoot brand treeless saddles come with a saddle system called Vertebrae Protection System (VPS), which is a patented panel system designed to protect the spine of the horse.

This Barefoot Madrid Saddle comes with a wide size fiberglass insert. You can purchase additional narrow, medium, wide, extra wide, or soft pommel inserts as needed for your horse's conformation. Click here for more information on the Barefoot Pommel Inserts, and a printable version of the pommel sizing template. 

All Barefoot Treeless saddles are imported from Barefoot of Germany, and restocked monthly. 

Please Note - The chart below provides measurements according to European sizing. The U.S. equivalent is provided below:

Size 1 (U.S. Equivalent)
  • Western seat size 14-14.5 | English seat size 16-16.5
  • Ladies pant size < 8 | Mens pant size ~32-36
Size 2 (U.S. Equivalent)
  • Western seat size 15-16 | English seat size 17-18
  • Ladies pant size > 8 | Mens pant size ~38-42

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