Barefoot Merlyn Dressage Treeless Saddle

  • $1,275.00

The innovative Barefoot Merlyn Dressage Treeless Saddles are made with beautiful soft leather, and an extra short saddle flap for smaller horses and smaller riders. This saddle has a deep seat with a narrow twist to provide closer contact with your horse. 

The saddle has a lower cantle than other Barefoot Saddles with a anatomically contoured seat with a non-slip surface to the leather. Soft knee rolls gently stabilize the rider's leg in the correct position. It has a flexible V shape girth. It is an excellent choice for Icelandics and other smaller breeds.

This Merlyn Dressage Saddle has an open stirrup attachment and is adjustable to the rider as it is attached with Velcro under the seat. It can be positioned so the stirrups hang exactly where you want them. With the S-curve open stirrup attachment, normal stirrup leathers can be used such as the Barefoot Softy Calf English Stirrup Leathers or the Barefoot Dressage Leathers with T-buckles on top and bottom provide a seamless transition under the thigh.

As with all Barefoot saddles, it will not restrict movement or impede the shoulder and is flexible in all dimensions. It allows the placement of the saddle to be farther forward than treed saddles, and puts the rider in a great position over the horse's center of gravity. This allows the horse to carry the weight of the rider more easily. 

All Barefoot Saddles are built with the Vertabrae Protection System. This VPS design includes layers of material on either side of the spine for the horse's back protection.

Available in size one only.
Color: Black


  • Weighs 11 lbs alone
  • Seat made with soft leather, non-slip surface
  • Anatomically contoured soft knee-rolls
  • Deep seat with lower cantle - narrow twist in seat
  • Medium pommel insert - standard (additional inserts available separately)
  • Flexes in all 3 directions (X,Y,Z)
  • Barefoot® VPS System provides channel for spinal clearance
  • Close contact; free and comfortable seating at the horse's center of gravity
  • Open 1.5" English Stirrup attachment (included) can be positioned as needed

See Sizing Tab for more information. Click here for more information on the Barefoot Saddle systems.

All Barefoot brand treeless saddles come with a saddle system called Vertebrae Protection System (VPS), which is a patented panel system designed to protect the spine of the horse.

The Barefoot Treeless saddles come with a medium size fiberglass insert. You can purchase additional narrow, wide, extra wide, or soft pommel inserts as needed for your horse's conformation. Click here for more information on the Barefoot Pommel Inserts, and a printable version of the pommel sizing template. 

All Barefoot Treeless saddles are manufactured in Germany, and restocked monthly. 

Barefoot Merlyn Treeless Dressage Saddle measurements:

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