Barefoot Pommel Inserts

Barefoot Pommel Inserts

  • $59.40

  • Exchange pommels for Barefoot Treeless Saddles

  • Printable sizing guide to establish your horse's width
  • Step-by-step instructions in Sizing Tab

As there are many Percherons, Fresians, Haflingers and other broad backed horses as well as many narrow withered horses that are very comfortable with the standard insert, we recommend you try the standard insert before purchasing the optional insert.

Narrow: 9 inches wide.
Standard: 10 1/4 inches wide.
Wide: 11 1/4 inches wide.

Click here to print out the sizing template and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Important: To easily change the pommel, never lay the saddle flat on the ground!

Put the saddle on a saddle rack or similar, such as a sofa backrest for stabilization. Detach the adjustable seat and put it forward over the front pommel. 

Step 2: Open the zipper pocket and widen the opening carefully.

Step 3: Now the pommel insert can be pulled out step-by-step by removing one side after the other.

Step 4: First put in the new exchange pommel into one side of the pocket. Please pay attention to the correct direction of the pommel, which is labeled as follows: "R" for right and "L" for left, as seen from the rider's view. 

Step 5: Insert the other side of the pommel into the pocket. The new pommel must be completely and deeply stuck in. The pocket should be filled out totally. 

Step 6: To check whether the pommel is seated correctly, move both zipper parts together by using the thumb and forefinger of both hands. If the zipper sides do touch each other over the pommel, the pommel sits perfectly. 

Step 7: The zipper can now be easily closed. If the closing should not be possible or if the zip doesn't slide easily, do not apply force, but recheck the pommel's fit and put it even deeper into the pocket. 

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