Barefoot Saddle Horns - Velcro

  • $40.00

  • Saddle horn for decoration
  • Easy to attach
  • Recommended use with soft pommel insert
  • Will work with fiberglass insert

Don't need a functional horn - but love the look of one? This Barefoot Saddle Horn has no fork. Instead it has a Velcro® fastener - add it to your saddle for decorative purposes.

When you have a problem horses, or one that is sensitive or has very wide shoulders, this is a great solution. It can be used in combination with the Barefoot Soft Pommel Insert. Use it to replace the fork - this makes the saddle more flexible for your horse. Attach the horn to the soft pommel insert, wrapping around it and securing by means of a Velcro® fastener. Presto! Looks just like a regular horned saddle! 

Suitable for all Barefoot Western Saddles. Get the saddle flexibility with the soft pommel, but don't sacrifice the looks of the horn. Soft insert is not included with this item - sold individually on our website. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This horn is for decoration purposes only - don't tether, lead horses, or use for purposes other than decoration. Will fit on fiberglass Barefoot Pommel Inserts as well.

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