Barefoot Stretch and Breath Dressage Girth

  • $79.00

Especially made - a wonder fabric made into a wonder of a girth! 

The Barefoot Stretch and Breathe Girth fabric is best described as being made of fine elastic band envelopes. These are placed adjacent to each other, and stitched with a nylon thread that is resistant to tearing. This makes the girth covering completely stretchable, while being also tear-resistant. To further protect your horse's sensitive girth area the special Stretch & Breathe fabric is enhanced even more by an adjustable casing of very soft neoprene. 

Because the girth is fully elastic there is no restriction to a horse's chest when he's breathing. Backed roller buckles at located on both ends of the girth, and a central ring if you'd like to attach a breastplate or martingale. 

Helpful Tip:
 The elastic in the girth molds to the shape of your horse's body, but it is suggested that you occasionally rotate it for uniform wear.

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