Barefoot Western Pommel

Barefoot Western Pommel Inserts

  • $76.00

Each Barefoot Western Saddle comes with a standard Wide sized fork, that fits almost every horse. Barefoot of Germany recommends the Medium Pommel for narrow horses, and the Extra Wide for horses without noticeable withers and extremely wide shoulders.

If further customization is necessary, you can make adjustments to saddle fit with the inserts available. 

All Barefoot saddles are able to be adjusted to suit your horse, where different shoulder conformations exist. It is very easy to replace the insert - open the zipper on the pommel, exchange the inserts, close the zipper - done! If your horse has especially wide withers and back, you can consider the soft pommel and add the ornamental Velcro leather horn! 

Structure/Materials: Special PU-synthetic material. Internal metal bar. This bar stabilizes the material and helps to avoid breakage. Horn/Fork is leather covered, and feature the Barefoot feather logo.

Click here to print out a step-by-step guide to finding the correct pommel size for your horse, and see the Sizing Tab for more details.

As there are many Percherons, Fresians, Haflingers and other broad backed horses as well as many narrow withered horses
that are very comfortable with the standard insert, we recommend you try the standard insert before purchasing the optional insert.

Standard: 10 1/4 inches wide.
Wide: 12 inches wide.
Extra Wide (XXL): 12 1/2 inches wide.

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