Espana SILK All Natural Protein Conditioner for Horses

Espana SILK All Natural Protein Conditioner for Horses

  • $4.00

Espana SILK All Natural Protein Enhanced Conditioner repairs damaged/dry skin, hair, coats and tails while providing enhanced coat texture, body and fantastic shine. It provides conditioning where it's needed most and is properly ph balanced.

It eliminates the toughest tangles, matting and static in hair, manes and tails.

Our unique blend of botanicals and conditioners provides a natural soothing to the skin for incredible results and show-stopping appearance. 

Multi-purpose/Ready-to-use Conditioner is perfect for softening leathers and applying to horses coronet bands & hooves.  

Espana SILK All Natural Protein Enhanced Conditioner for horses nourishes and conditions to dramatically moisturizes. A special blend of extra Silk Proteins, Vegetable Proteins, Coconut Surfactant and Jojoba Oil provides superior conditioning to accentuate natural gloss and sheen.

Great for dogs, cats, horses, all animals and even people.  You will love using this for yourself. Environmentally friendly! Ready-to-use or dilute up to 5:1 dilution

Formulated with a light, refreshing cucumber-spa fragrance, the European-inspired Espana line of SILK grooming products has been developed to provide superior conditioning and moisturizing for people/animals of all ages. Using SILK as part of your grooming routine promotes healthy hair & skin for people/animals and silky coats, manes and tails while also providing protective and healing properties.

Espana SILK™ products are made with the finest and safest ingredients available and have been formulated to hydrate and reduce static to bring out the natural luster of your hair and your pet's manes, tails and coats.

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