Round Neck Rope

  • $23.00

Round Neck Rope with color coordinated grip. Looks stylish and are a fun way to spend time with your horse and learn new skills.

60" is the average size. If you need one that is larger or smaller let me know.

Choose one or two colors. 

These colorful and soft neck rope are designed to hang around the horses neck and help you guide the horse as you ride bridle-less. 

It is helpful if you start by adding a neck rope with your normal bridle set up as you ride. Add the neck rope cues until your horse learns them. When first learning be sure to stay in an enclosed area for safety.

Neck Ropes are custom made and can usually ship within two business days but please allow up to two weeks to receive yours.

Ask about having coordinating ropes made for your club or group or drill team.

Caution- Horses are large animals and it can be dangerous to ride and be around them. Please use common sense to avoid injury. A neck rope is not a safety device and we cannot be responsible for misuse or any injuries that result from your activities.

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