Sensation Ride™ Vicino Treeless Saddle

  • $1,580.00

Close Contact Saddle

To get started Fill out THIS FORM. $300 is the Deposit to get your saddle started.

Beautiful close contact treeless saddle called the Vicino model. Vicino is Italian for close or near. If you want to be one with your horse to have soft communication.

This Sensation Ride™ Treeless saddle model was added in 2016 and mimics the Formal Dressage saddle but it has the added support of larger and firmer knee rolls. 

The Venturo model, with the non removable firm knee pads is a great saddle for mounted horse archery and other horse sports.

Similar to the Venturo model except it has a pommel instead of a swell. It has a more formal seat style and only two rings in front.

The detail on this cantle is not a standard feature but it is available as an upgrade.

To get started ordering your new Sensation saddle start by filling out THIS FORM.

*Please note* this model is not recommended for riders under 5'6" unless we shorten the panels.

Due to the numerous custom features available, our Sensation Ride™ treeless saddles are not available for online purchase. Instead, one of our Sensation Ride™ Specialists work with you personally to develop the ideal saddle for you.

The listed price is the base price of this saddle. Many upgrades and customization are available.

To get started fill out the form in the link. Be prepared with photos of your horse's back and we can custom design the right saddle for you. Once we get all of your information your saddle will not be started until we receive a $300 deposit from you. 

Saddles ship from Canada and will be a minimum of $80 to ship to the US.

I can't wait to talk to you and get started on designing the perfect saddle for you.

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