Sensation Ride Dressage Trail Saddle

  • $1,275.00

Deeper, Wider Seat

Sensation Ride™ Treeless Dressage and Dressage Trail Saddle is just what you are looking for. This saddle provides a deep, wide English seat with lots of contact on the knee roll.

The seat shape provides you with more support on your upper thigh.

What's the difference between Trail and Dressage Trail?

Dressage model has a flap which is straighter and works well for a rider with longer legs. It has two D rings for a breast collar.

The Trail model has five additional rings to hold all of your gear for longer rides. 

Formal Seat Shape

Choose this seat shape if you want less thigh support and are looking for a saddle more appropriate for showing. The knee roll is average to full and comes with an adjustable knee block under the knee roll.

*Formal seat example is shown on the two-toned brown model.

Custom made just for you!

All Sensation Ride™ saddles give you the choice of five cantle heights and three pommel styles.

Your card will be pre-approved for the full amount, which is the base price, but you will only be charged $300 to get your order started. Purchase this saddle in the cart and then fill out the order form. Your saddle will not be started until the deposit is made and we have talked with you to discuss your options.

Shipping will be from Canada and will cost around $80 to the US and subject to change.

Use this order form and lets get started on your new saddle.

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