Horses Are My Passion

I am passionate about horses. Everything about them. I love to talk about horses, look at them, train them, ride them, groom them, photograph them and just hang out with them. They are my best friends. I currently have three mustangs that I trained from wild and two Quarter Horses. They are the love of my life. 

I love training mustangs, gentling them when they are still wild, and bringing them along to be useful companions. 

Why Support This Business

One of my goals is to take in and work with wild, neglected, traumatized or untrained older horses. Usually the older untrained horse is more likely to end up in a bad situation. They are harder to deal with because they have a number of fears and can be untrusting of humans.

There is very little to no pay for this type of work. It mostly comes out of my pocket. I get asked to take a horse almost daily and I have to turn them down because of a lack of funds.  My goal for this business is to support my efforts to help one horse at a time to find a new life in the human world.

A horse that is in a constant state of fear has a stressful life. Getting them used to normal everyday objects and having humans handle them helps the horse to relax and enjoy life more without always being afraid. Their quality of life is improved. The more they learn and become less afraid the more they are able to get out of their pen and see the world. It is giving them back freedom to enjoy life instead of stuck in a pen and in fear.

A Little About Me

I trained my first mustang in 2013. I've participated in three mustang competitions and I am a certified TIP trainer. I continually strive to learn more about horse and how they function.  I dabble in Working Equitation, endurance riding, mounted archery, liberty work and spend a lot of time on the trail and learning new obstacles. I like to halter train young or untrained horses to give them a good foundation that will last them for life.

Since I have such a variety of horses of different sizes and back shapes, it is important for me to find the right saddle and tack for each one. Ideally it would be nice to have one or two saddles that fit on all of them. Thus my search to find the best fitting saddles that will fit on most horses but also be comfortable for me in the variety of activities that I pursue with my horses. I like my tack to be functional and also beautiful. I want to be proud of the items I sell and use them for myself and my horses.



My family and I live in the beautiful mountains of Montana with our horses, dog and cats. 

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Meet Nimh, Bandit and Knightly all practicing their lay down together. 

Mountain Top Saddlery Mustang Lay Down