Christ Iberica Plus Spanish Style Fur Saddle

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The most popular model in stock!

The Spanish style version of the fur saddle by Werner Christ Horse. The ultimate all around model. You will love it! It has a higher cantle and pommel to provide additional security. Horses with a higher withers will enjoy the PLUS versions of these bareback riding pads. 

Suited for every Horses' back

    In Germany it is referred to as a "California Fur Saddle". Christ fur saddles do not have a fixed saddle tree. They don't have to be fitted, because only soft and flexible materials are used and nothing hinders or restricts the movements of the horse so they suit all horses.

    A close comfortable feel

    The ultimate in comfort, designed for flexibility. A close feel between the horse and rider. It is as close to riding without a saddle as you can get. The seat is made entirely of lambskin and has a depth of approximately 30mm. Removable padding on the left and right of the spinal canal increases the seat comfort and protects the horse's back. 

    Lambskin is not just for the winter

    In the summer, it is so soft so you can ride in shorts on your lambskin saddle. For your horse it means that the sweat is absorbed and sucked off by the coat, which makes it more comfortable on the skin when riding. Because it is so fluffy lambskin and wool allow the air to circulate, cooling the horse. The fur will also help keep you warm in the winter.

    Comfort for you and the horse

    This fur saddle has removable foam inserts along the left and right of the spine for added comfort. This increases the seat comfort and protects the horse's back. 

    When riding without a saddle the pressure is mainly located where you sit and is caused by the bones of your pelvis. Except that the CHRIST fur saddles protect your horses back via lambskin cushion underneath the saddle, the composite upholstery (padding inside) and the seat's lambskin and together distribute the pressure along the horses back. 

    Highly recommended by therapeutic riding programs

    • Removable Genuine Sheepskin Seat
    • Removable Padding Allows for Comfort
    • Higher Cantle and Pommel for security
    • 30mm of Wool Cushions, Protects, and Wicks Moisture Away
    • Nylon Cover at Bottom Flap Prevents Chafing
    • Wither Strap for Additional Security
    • Ideal for the Beginner or Experienced Rider
    • Choose from Three Colors
    • Two sizes; Adult Small and Adult Medium
    • D Rings for adding a Breast Collar and Crupper

    *All of the bareback pads have large D rings so that stirrups can be attached. My personal opinion is that stirrups should not be used except for the Premium Plus or Diamond Plus. If you use stirrups please use safety stirrups so that you don't get hung up in an emergency.  

    Girth sold separately.

    Size: PO Adult Small     WB; Adult Medium. SH; Shetty

    Three colors; Natural, Brown, Black. 

    SHETTY is only available in Black right now. Please call for availability. 

    Machine washable, gentle cycle, fluff dry.

    Sizes: Warmblood = Adult Medium, Pony = Adult Small 

    • Warmblood: back length: 65 cm / 25.5", flap length: 48 cm / 19", seat size: 40 cm / 15.7"
    • Pony: back length: 60 cm / 23.6", flap length: 43cm / 17", seat size: 35 cm / 13.7"
    • Shetty: Back length: 48 cm / 19", flap length: 42cm / 16.5", seat size: 30 cm / 11.8"

    **Return Policy

    All Christ items are final sales and are non-returnable, due to the fact that they will fit your horse and do not require a trial period.

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