Custom Leather Chinks in Black with Chestnut

  • $650.00

These soft leather chinks are made from Cheyenne Black colored leather with Chestnut leather accents. The leather is soft and supple with a light protection that looks nice and natural and will last you many years of wear.

Jeremiah Watt Conchos and accent backstitching with a double fringe in chestnut color.

* Last three pictures are of Chocolate and Ginger chinks.

Buckle in front and back of a waist that is adjustable from about 32" to 39".

Length is 32" from the top of the yoke to the bottom of the 7" fringe.

Many extras on these chinks with attention to detail.

Customize your own pair

You can also order a pair that are made to fit you with your choice of colors and extra details. Many colors and options to choose from. Base price is $400.

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