DP Saddlery Western Classic Startrekk Treeless Saddle

  • $2,424.00

My favorite treeless saddle ever!

No more lugging that heavy saddle up on your horse and hoping it fits. The Startrekk saddle looks like a real saddle because it is a real saddle. Quality leather that feels fabulous and makes you look good whether you are on the trail or working in the arena.

  • Treeless Startrekk©-Western Saddle with real spine clearance, thanks to our innovative Velcro Panels, that can be placed where your horse needs them to ensure proper gullet width.
  • This saddle is ideal for short-backed horses.
  • A trail riding saddle, that allows you to really feel your horse.
  • Weighs under 16 pounds.

Imagine sitting in this deep, comfortable, padded seat that is formed by a high cantle with a Cheyenne Roll. The fenders are placed in the center position to make it easy for you to sit in a balanced aligning the shoulder, hip and heel.

How does it work?

The leather covered panels attach with wide Velcro strips underneath the saddle.  You can peel off the panels and move them further apart if your horse is wider and rounder. Adjust them closer together if your horse has a higher withers and a more narrow build.

Riding a different horse? Just adjust them to fit that horse and never have to worry about finding the right saddle for each horse.

Each panels adjust to insure whither and spinal clearance.

    The pommel forks are exchangeable

    • The saddle comes with a med/wide pommel/horn insert, which is very accommodating for most horse's conformations.
    • Four pommel widths are available to further customize the fit of this treeless saddle.

    The beauty is in the details

    The Startrekk Classic Western has the look of a traditional western saddle with attractive border tooling on the skirts and matching fenders. Rawhide saddle strings and laced rawhide stirrups complete the look.

    All hardware is stainless steel. Each saddle has four D-rings at the front; two D-rings at the rear plus three rectangular ring attachments on the back of the cantle.

    The Startrekk Western Classic Treeless Saddles come complete with matching tooled medium 27" fenders, laced rawhide stirrups, panels, and standard medium/wide pommel fork. 

    Made in Germany by Deuber and Partner for over 20+ years. DP Saddlery has been developing innovative and comfortable saddles by working with trainers and specialists to successfully build saddles that work for both horse and rider.

    • Secure comfortable seat
    • Luxurious leather for good looks and durability.
    • Adjustability for the horse.
    • Lightweight saddle weighs under 16 pounds.
    • More structure and security than many treeless saddles.

    When you place your order your card will not be charged. We will discuss options and sizing. To read more about options and features check out our Sartrekk Information page. $2424 is the base price for these saddles. Prices will vary on photo shown.

    Lets get you riding in a Startrekk Saddle today!

    When you place your order your card will not be charged. We will discuss size, colors and fender sizes and price will be adjusted for your options. Base price starts at $2024. Some saddles will be in stock for immediate delivery or we can custom order the right saddle for you and you will have it in two to four months.

    The DP Startrekk Western Classic Treeless Saddle comes with matching fenders. Both the saddle and the fenders have border tooling. 

    Gullet: K1, K2, K3, K4 (exchangeable)
    Seat size: S1 (Shorty), S2 (Standard)
    Saddle leather: Natural, havanna
    Seat leather: Nappa or nubuck(colors: sand, cognac, brown, black)
    Panels: velcro, (exchangeable)
    Hardware: 6 x conchos (leather or stainless steel),latigo strings
    Horn: Leather horn
    Fender length: 22.5”, 27”, 31” inches
    Stirrups: rawhide
    Weight: approximately 15.5 lbs.
    Saddle length: approximately 23.5” (S1), 24.5” (S2)
    Panel length: approximately 20.5” (S1), 22” (S2)

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