DP Saddle El Campo Decor Baroque English Saddle

DP Saddlery El Campo Decor Baroque Saddle

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An English-type saddle, the "El Campo" line was designed for all around use, such as:  Dressage, Working Equitation, Classical Riding, Eventing, and Trail Riding. 

The shoulder relief panels allow for close contact to the horse

Perfect for long trail rides

Adjustable Velcro knee rolls

Great for dressage and smaller jumps

A shorter saddle suitable for horses with short backs and is designed for all around use. 

The unique continuously adjustable gullet width is revolutionary in its ability to help solve saddle fitting problems to your horse. With just a turn of the Allen Wrench, you can adjust the gullet by fractions of an inch to customize the fit to your horse.

The El Campo Standard Saddles are made with classical dressage training in mind, for the rider seeking for more lightness and balance, but who does not want to compromise being able to take this saddle out for hours on the trails. The seat is luxuriously comfortable.

El Campo Saddles are built on flexible Ultra Flex Saddle trees, made out of flexible fiberglass and reinforced with Carbon Fiber along the spine. Another advantage is that the traditional wool flocked panels are only attached in the front and back of the tree, to provide maximum comfort for the horse in turns and while bending. To ease the pressure that is normally applied to the spine, the panels give slightly, so the spine doesn't have to. When panels are completely attached from front to back, it would be the spine of the horse, that would have to give to pressure. It lets the horse move freely, and encourages proper bend and freedom of the shoulder. The anatomically shaped panels also help balance the saddle and can be flocked by a professional saddle fitter to your horse if needed. 

The gullet is fully adjustable, featuring a gear system with a simple Allen Wrench that comes with the saddle. The continuously adjustable gullet width can be adjusted by fractions of an inch with just a twist of the Allen Wrench that inserts into a discreet slot located on top of the pommel. No strength is required to make the change. There is a five year warranty on the Ultra Flex tree and a three year overall warranty on the saddle except for wear and tear. The gullet width is standard 6 cm.

The long billets attach to the girth forming a V and can be used with any dressage style girth. These saddles are handmade with quality black tooled North American leather and an extremely comfy softly padded seat.

**Base price $4623. Prices can vary depending upon options. If you place an order your card will NOT be charged until we find out the saddle details that you prefer.

Saddle length = 20" (53 cm)
Saddle weight = 17.5 lbs (8 kg)

Seat sizes are based on tree 
S1 = 16.53" (42 cm)
S2 = 17.32" (44 cm)
S3 = 18.11" (46 cm)

Comes with Velcro knee rolls (one pair) and simple Allen Wrench. Havanna Brown Nappa Size S2 

S2 approximately 17.5 inches (comparable to 16" Western or 17.5" English)

Weighs less than 18 pounds.

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